Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What a roller coaster of a day!

Well my final day at work finally arrived and what a day! I was fine until they surprised me at the end of the session when some of the children I look after presented me with some goodies. Well that was it......i could feel the tears welling up and then I just sobbed. I have never cried when I have left a job before but I think with the shock of the presentation and all of the pent up emotion over the last few weeks got the better of me.

So.....a new way of life beckons and am I scared? Yes but in a good way. I am doing the right thing I know for definate. But leaving today and discussing the classes with Traci last night made it now seem so real. Crafting is going to be a full time job and I am so nervous and sooooo excited!

So what are my plans for the next few days I hear you ask....wellllllll. Tomorrow is housework from top to bottom. Hopefully crafting will be on the agenda too - if I can be a good girl and get the cleaning done first. I have a project on the go which I must get done before Sunday - details to follow as certain eyes may be watching ha ha ha!

Right quick browse through some blogs and then bed beckons!!!


Anonymous said...

I am taking no notice
From certain eyes

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

If it is any concellation I am scared too!! lol I am really looking forward to yoyu starting and it is an asset to have you on the team