Friday, December 08, 2006

How difficult is it......

to choose pictures for a scrapbook workshop?? I have a workshop to go to tomorrow which I am looking forward to but I am having a hard time choosing piccies. I mean when you have photos as cute as this one what can you do?????
I have gone for a mix of the boys, and older ones of mum and dad and grandparents etc. Just got to print them all off now and try to narrow down my selection.
One good thing was that I sat down and looked through loads of albums and keepsake book which was quite an emotional experience. Time flies by so quickly and the boys grow and change so much. Also seeing piccies of my grandparents was quite an emotional thing too but nice as you are taken back to all those happy times spent with those people who still mean so much to you even though they are no longer here.
Anyway enough of that I have work this morning - after today I have just 6 sessions left to do - YIPEEE!!! Not that I want to leave you understand LOL! This afternoon I think I will be getting piccies ready for tomorrow - did I say how much I am looking forward to tomorrow - can't wait!!!

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